google penalty recovery

Google Penalty Recovery

An Algorithm is a set of mathematical equations or rules that a search engine uses to rank the content contained within its index in response to a particular search query. 

The Google Algorithm is the mathematical formula that Google uses to create the results (SERPS) when you do a Google search. 

Google keeps on updating their search algorithms time and again in order to improve the quality of search results on a regular basis. 

In this process many sites get targeted due to faulty SEO methods adopted by SEO companies like unnatural link building, low quality or thin content , over optimization, etc.

Google started with a goal to give quality search results to the users as per the technology standards available for hardware and software at a give point of time but as it went ahead it also had to work at beating the spam which people kept on bringing on the web to just remain in the search results . This of course makes Google remain on its toes and makes Google keep working on becoming better than it was previously, which is in fact Good and bad for Google – Good because all the spam Google has to beat and face makes Google remain humble which is very much necessary as the kind of monopoly Google is having for search it can be very dangerous and unhealthy for the entire web. Bad because unnecessary clutter keeps on getting added on the web in the form of spammy links, low quality Content, a bad reputation for the SEO industry, misleading and wrong social signals, mistaken identities, etc.

Google sends warnings via webmaster tools but if correct action is not taken on time then the site can be penalized by either removing the site from the Google index or by pushing it back in the search results. In order to recover from such penalties a systematic approach is needed. Every site is different and the process involves analyzing each site accordingly and taking corrective action, and then measure and monitor the progress.

Google also offers tools like the Disavow tool for disowning unwanted links and also offers support via webmaster tools. We coordinate all this and send regular reports to the client and keep the client informed about all the changes done.

The major algorithm  updates currently made by Google are the Panda and the Penguin updates due to which many sites had got affected.

More about the Panda and the Penguin updates on:

If you are facing turbulence in your search presence and you think that you site may have got affected adversely due to the above mentioned reasons then we shall be willing to help you recover from the adverse effect.

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