Guest Author Guidelines

Guest Author Guidelines

Lately many people have been sending us requests to guest post on our blog. We appreciate the thought and thank and invite all who would like to send us guest posts. But, before you email us your post please read the guidelines below so that we don’t end up wasting each other’s time and effort.


We love having guest posts focused on the following topics:

  • SEO
  • Social Media
  • News About The Search Industry
  • Web Design
  • Ecommerce Web Development
  • Entrepreneurship


We offer links only in the author bio to the author’s Google+ and Twitter account. As we focus on promoting quality content and the author. In case there are relevant links in the post to high quality content then they may be retained but only if it is approved by the blog administrator.


The post can be published on the WebPro blog or on any other partner blog after the due approval of the author. We need at least 1 week after the approval to publish the post as per our schedules.

Author Bio

Please send us a short bio description of the author along with the first post. For the author picture please send us the GR Avatar details . Gravatar (globally recognized avatar). Go to and sign up, then upload your avatar and assign it to your email address . Once that is done you will need the link to your gravatar, that isn’t easily accessible from the gravatar website, but you can work it out. The URL starts like this:
On the end of the url you need to put a MD5 hash on the end of it. Visit miracle salad to create your MD5 hash. On the miracle salad page simply enter the email you used to sign-up to Gravatar in the “string” text box and click “md5”. Copy the string it provides you and paste it onto the end of the url above, it should then look something like this:

Check this link in the browser if it shows the right image. (Send us this link for the author pic.)

Guest Author Page And Authorship Mark Up

After the author submits five guest posts every guest author gets an author page on the blog where the Author details and the posts contributed by the author will be listed along with the authorship markup.


Please send blog post ideas or questions related to becoming a guest author to our team at

  • We only publish original content – no reposts of blogs or articles that have been published elsewhere
  • No sales pitches or content solely for SEO purposes will be accepted. We understand the value of links back to your site, and will allow them when the content is valuable to our readers and the link is natural in context only if it is approved by the administrator of the blog.
  • Posts should be appropriate for the targeted audience and should be written in simple, easy-to-understand language. Topics should be timely and applicable to a broad range of readers.
  • We will not allow any links to or promotion of competitive business  products or services.
  • Our editors reserve the right to reject guest blog submissions and/or edit for length, content, grammar, or readability. If a post is edited significantly, it will be sent back to the author for approval.

Submitting a Guest Post:

  • Send an email with the blog post to Please include in your query any links that you require be part of the post.
  • Once the idea is approved, you can send your post in any format (Word, .rtf, plain text, etc.). We do not prefer to receive posts in HTML, however.
  • Attach the image (or images) you would like to use. The image should be 250-300 pixels wide in JPG format.Please ensure you follow copyright and fair use guidelines when sending an image. We encourage you to use Flickr creative commons licensed images or stock images from, or similar stock photography site. If the images need attribution, include that info as well.
  • When your post is published, you’ll receive an email notification. If you have questions about scheduling, feel free to contact us
We look forward for all your guest posts for a mutually beneficial and a content association.
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