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If you are having a web presence since 5 years and more we are sure you must have surely put in efforts to optimize your site for the search engines. But, if you think that those efforts have not yet actually accrued any substantial ROI over time then it is highly recommended that you audit your site from the SEO perspective and the overall web presence perspective.We do the SEO Audit and send a list of details which need immediate attention and also specify the details which have been as per the search engine norms and should be considered as digital assets. In short we list out the pluses and the minuses of the web presence of your business in the audit report.We believe, that SEO in the true sense is not about just keyword and rankings but every SEO effort put in by our team should in the long run add to the digital assets of your business’ online presence and help develop an online brand, reputation and an online persona of your business and the representatives of your online business.
SEO Audit Analysis :
Points we focus and furnish details on:

  • Accessability Issues And Crawling Status
  • Indexing Issues
  • XML Sitemaps
  • Test Mobile Friendliness and check mobile site compatibility
  • Site Architecture
  • On Page Factors
        a. URL Analysis


        b. Meta Issues


        c. Content Issues


        d. Image Issues


        e. Semantic Issues And Authorship Markup


        f. 404 Pages (Page Not Found) Issues
  • Off Page Factors
        a. Social Media Presence And Engagement


        b. Presence of the business on local search


        c. Link Issues


        d. Page Speed


        e. Trust worthiness


        f. Page Authority


        g. Domain Authority


        h. If you have a blog then the Blog Content and Overall blog benefits to the site
  • Google Account Setup for all Google products being used by the client.
        a. Webmaster Tools (Google And Bing)


        b. Analytics Account


        c. Google Places


      d. Google+ Profile And Business Page

A Google Account today is not just an online account used for Gmail and other purposes but the convergence of all the signals accruing from all the Google products used establishes the online persona of the online business in question. A Google account in fact is the passport of the online identity. Hence an overall check of how the various Google products being used by the business are integrated and whether the signals from the overall presence are being aggregated and indexed is also audited because in the long run the sum of all these signals establishes the online assets of the business on the balance sheet of the world wide web.

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