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Google says that there are more than 200 ranking factors varying in degree of importance. Some of the most important SEO factors which we focus upon and which we think are quite influential for SEO results are as follows:
SEO Factors Influencing Search Presence - SEO India
The on-page optimization ensures that the content of the page which the user can view is indexed by the search engines too. Due to proper indexing the site gets associated with that content in such a way that it can get ranked high for the search queries targeting the content of that site.

  • Meta Data
  • Title Tag
  • Description Tag:
  • Header Tags
  • Image Alt Text (Logo, Banners, Other Images)
  • Content (Static , As per User Preference and User generated)
  • Navigation Menu Bar
  • Footer
  • Social Media Integration
  • Contact Page and the About us Page
  • SEO Friendly URLs

The on page factors are the ones which determine the correlation of the website to the contextual content. Many on page factors determine the identity of your website and each URL gets the potential to gain quality search presence for different search queries ensuring you of a wider reach.

Ideally one should work on the on page, off page and technical factors collectively for an all round improvement of the website on search but incase you want us to work only on the on page factors we can willingly offer our services and customize the plan for you as per your requirement.

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