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December 31st, 2011

The year 2011 has been a year of major changes and updates for the search and the social media industry. All these changes made in 2011 makes us look forward to 2012 with great anticipation.

We have tried to summarize some of our posts under the following categories for a quick look at the search and social scene of 2011:


  1. Why SEO Is More Relevant And Important Today
  2. Why User Generated Content Will Be More Important In the Future For SERPs
  3. SEO Though a Subset Of Internet Marketing Has An Edge Over Advertising And Marketing.
  4. Using Google Webmaster Tools Appropriately For SEO
  5. Google’s Algorithmic Change To Prevent Content Spam Is Live Now
  6. How Good SEO Contributes To The Larger Objectives Of The Web Eco System
  7. A Major Algorithmic upgrade by Google To Reward Quality Sites – Means More To Society Than Just Quality SERPs
  8. All About The Farmer Algorithm Update Of Google [A List Of Related Links]
  9. Google Considering To Give Lesser Weight To keywords In The Domain
  10. Bing Webmaster Tools And The Much Needed Index Explorer
  11. How to Re-engineer The Existing Inbound Links For Better SEO Benefit
  12. Traffic Sources And Significance From The SEO & Web Presence Perspective
  13. + 1 Recommendations : Google’s Way Of Offering The Facebook Like Button
  14. What To Do When Your Content is Being Copied ?
  15. SEMPO :Search Marketing Report 2011- SEO, PPC & Social Media – Company Trends & Agency Trends
  16. URL Shorteners And Anchor Text
  17. The Art Of Commenting On Blogs
  18. The Etiquette Of Co.ordinating With Guest Post Submissions
  19. The Quality Content Site Guidelines and Parameters By Google
  20. SEO Is Much Beyond SERPs But The Importance Of SERPs Cannot Be Ruled Out – Old Wine In A New Bottle.
  21. Content Explosion And Content Curation
  22. Metrics That Matter For SEO And Quality Web Presence
  23. Major SEO Factors Influencing The Search Engine Rankings And Web Visibility
  24. Understanding And Adapting To The Google Panda Update – A Simple, Systematic, Straight Forward Approach
  25. Authorship markup And The rel Attribute
  26. The Purpose Behind Commenting On Blog Posts
  27. Why Is Your Google+ Profile Important From The Search And Social Media Perspective?
  28. 20 Questions Which Help You Judge The Progress Of The SEO Campaign Without Facing The Meteors Of Metrics
  29. SEO Periodic Table By @sengineland – A Valuable Resource.
  30. An Introduction To Schemas And
  31. My Perspective On How The Correlation and Causation Concepts Are Correlated to SEO
  32. After Link Building Spammers, It Is The Content Spammers Trying To Make Hay While The Sun Shines
  33. Matt Cutts Answers Some Important SEO Questions
  34. Is Google’s Encrypted Search, A Bane Or Boon For The SEO Industry?
  35. The Best Way To Assure Quality Content Is To Innovate, Excel And Work Hard In Real Time
  36. The Right Approach For The Keyword Research Phase Of The SEO Campaign
  37. Google+ Important For You If You Are Serious About Search
  38. Is The SEO Of Your Website On External Link Steroids – A Case Study
  39. Search Queries , Google’s Encrypted (Not Provided) Keyword Data And SEO
  40. Saying Bye to SEO 2011 and A Very Big Hi to SEO 2012
Social Media
  1. Twitter Testing New Advetising Platform – Beta Stage
  2. It Is The Collective And Selective Voice On Social Media That Matters
  3. Integration Of Social And Search Results In SERPS
  4. Mark Zuckerberg at BYU About The Power Of The Internet, Social Media and Facebook
  5. The Importance Of Creating An Online Brand
  6. Game Dynamics And The Influence Layer Of The Social Scenario On The Web
  7. The Importance Of Your Twitter Bio
  8. Setting The Purpose Of Your Social Media Presence – Social Media Marketing V/S Social Media Optimzation
  9. Social Media Engagement Is Much More Than The Count Of Followers, Klout Score, likes, Shares & Google+1s
  10. Google+ Is Coming Along Riding On The Social Wave….
E-Commerce And M-Commerce
  1. Ecommerce, Magento And Your Online Store
  2. The Advantages of M-Commerce
  3. Ecommerce- The Pros Cons And Why I Love These Sites
  4. A New Dimension To Ecommerce And Online Shopping 
Search And Social Conferences & Events  2011
  1. The Highlights Of Conference Click Asia Summit 2011- ‘The Power Of Digital And Mobile Marketing In Asia’
  2. The Leading Search & Social Marketing Events 2011 Has Started With (Asia & Europe)
  3. The Happenings And Discussions At #SMX Advanced Seattle On Day 1 – ( 7th June 2011 – A Curated Resource)
  4. The Importance Of Attending SEO Conferences , Expos And Events
  5. SMX East 2011 – Part 1
  6. SMX East 2011 – Part 2
  7. Points Highlighted By Matt Cutts And Amit Singhal at The Keynote Session At Pubcon Vegas 2011 Day 2

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