The State Of Sharing Content Then And Now And The Importance Of Social Media – A Real Life Example

May 19th, 2011

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When I read posts like these , I am reminded of one of the incidents which took place during our online journey in around 2003 – 2004. I had come across an article on ‘SEO And Web Design’ in a newsletter which I had subscribed for.

The article was so well written that I wanted to share it with every visitor who came to our site but as in those days Twitter , Facebook or such social media platforms were not the norm for sharing information, so I had created a new page for that content and copy pasted the article on that page and gave due credit to the newsletter and a link on that page specifying that the source of this content was from this newsletter with their logo on it.

I thought I had done due justice to the source from where I have got the content and the visitors on our site shall get the benefit of the knowledge and information. Little did I know that the newsletter people had copied content from some website and emailed it to its subscriber list without mentioning the site.

As the web page we created with this content was optimized it started ranking on page 1 for the keyword ‘ SEO Web Design’ pushing the original content page from where the newsletter company had copied it to a few positions lower.

The very next day I got an email from that company accusing me of copying content and was told to delete that page and remove it from the index and also not to use that URL and if I refused to do it their lawyer would speak to me.

I had to clarify the whole thing and forwarded them the email in which we had received the content in the newsletter (Luckily I had saved that email) . Hence , I told them that I don’t mind removing that content from the URL but I shall retain the URL and if at all they wanted to take legal action they should sue the newsletter company and not WebPro Technologies. I still retain that URL ofcourse with original content written by me at that time with my name and company name mentioned on it.

Sharing content was not one of the methods used for internet marketing in early 2000, the web has come a long way and because of people becoming more social on the internet and more open to share information with better methods of sharing links instead of direct content the world is truly becoming a global village.

The article on also specifies how sharing can help to promote ideas and influence people for social good. We also then had the good intention of spreading the true meaning of SEO but the adequate platforms for sharing with exponential reach were not available. Now with Twitter and Facebook we have that power of reaching out with righteous means and with due acceptance of the content owner directly from the site with a like button or a tweet button without getting information via newletters.

Thus, social media being integrated with search has a much larger connotation than just getting high rankings.

Since Social media has been integrated by search and real time search is where people go if they want to know what people are saying about a certain topic as of now, SEO and social media have to be used in conjunction by all the companies for a long term qualitative online presence for their business. Both these sources bring in qualitative, targeted inbound traffic which is the main purpose of online marketing.
And yes, Sharing is Caring.

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