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We don’t think anyone needs any explanation to what ‘SEO’ stands for. Everyone who is serious about online business is very much aware about the importance of Search Engine Optimization. But, nevertheless:

What Is SEO?

Every year as the year comes to an end there are blog posts on – SEO IS DEAD – But as always again the importance and the need for SEO bounces back on the online scenario with more added life energy and synergy.

As we offer SEO services and are an advocate for organic search , when we read posts predicting the end of SEO we get more motivated to write about why it is more important than ever before.

We have come a long way since 2000 where individual submissions in the search engines was the main task for SEOs. SEO today is not only about getting high rankings but about building a brand for the business that you are promoting. It is about helping the client establish his goodwill online and have a true online persona for himself and his business.

This is possible by helping the business create relevant and right footprints on the web and also by helping the client to rectify any faux pas which might have created unwanted footprints. As the search options go on increasing and the social fabric gets woven more and more into search the guidance and training of how to use the social media effectively is also one of the SEO deliverables today.

Today, SEOs guide their clients about creating blogs and focus on subject matter about what they want to associate themselves with on the web. This also is a way of projecting your personality and sharing your views and opinions about the concerned topics , products and services. If blogging is done with a focus and a purpose in mind and if your blog offers knowledge and information thereby attracting regular traffic then again the blog content helps you to establish the online persona which has become a part of the SEO deliverables today.

Hence. SEO is more relevant, has a wider meaning and involves much more understanding about the web world than just on page tweaking of the website for meta tags and content.

I think this is because people who have invested in SEO campaigns are expecting results which accrue as a result of an all round web presence over a period of time. Without an ounce of doubt an over all quality web presence if planned and executed well in the long run has the potential of rewarding the business with an influx of the exponential online opportunities available on the web.

An over all web presence can be attained by an over all online marketing campaign.

An Overall online marketing campaign = SEO + Blogging + Social Media + PPC (At the right stages of the website journey and purpose) + Content Creation + A/B Testing for effective landing pages + The Study of Analytics for regular analysis and improvement

Every journey starts with some destination in mind and by selecting the mode of transport to reach there. Once you decide to create an online presence for your business and tread on the virtual sands of the web world focus on what you want to achieve with the website you already have. Hence, Putting the the right team in place to achieve the goals of your web presence is the first and foremost task.

Every marketing campaign is about results and returns and SEO is a part of the whole online marketing puzzle and to complete the full picture every piece needs to be placed in the correct place and the correct order.
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