A New Dimension To Ecommerce And Online Shopping

August 24th, 2011

Author : Bharati Ahuja

TESCO has been adjusting to the local Korean market and had to compete with the numero uno company in Korea that is Emart .

For this they had to find an answer to the question – Could we become no. 1 without increasing the no. of stores?

And they did find a unique, enterprising innovative answer which has brought them to the 2nd position in Korea.

View the video for the answer:

Main Takeaway:

Don’t wait for people to come to your store or wait for them to find you on the internet and search engines. Go one step ahead and take the store to the people.

Make it available wherever you think people can squeeze in some time to use their smart phones to shop.

Don’t wait for them to find and search for your store. Create Virtual Stores to blend into their everyday lives.

A true blend of virtual and real time life.

Innovative Indeed.

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