All About The Farmer Algorithm Update Of Google [A List Of Related Links]

March 5th, 2011

The SEO world blogosphere this week was all about the ‘Farmer Algorithm Update’ of Google as this was indeed a major update to the algorithm affecting the SERPs. Everyone was discussing, coming to conclusions, sharing the news and views and also predicting the future effects of this upgrade on SERPS. This also was accompanied by the list of sites which were the losers and winner.

I just thought of compiling a list of all the links which I referred and read and I think gave a good insight about this upgrade and thought of sharing it.

I hope these links will be helpful in gaining more information about the Farmer Algorithm Update.

Google Forecloses On Content Farms With “Farmer” Algorithm Update />

by Danny Sullivan

 EzineArticles Aims to Get Rankings Back, Following Google Algorithm Update 

By Chris Crum

 Following Google’s Algorithm Change, Mahalo Lays Off 10% of Staff 

by Stan Schroeder

More Farmer Update Winners, Losers: Wikihow, Blippr & Yahoo Answers by Matt McGee

Google’s Farmer Update: Analysis of Winners vs. Losers

by Rand Fishkin

Was Google Too Hasty with the Farmer Update? SEO’s Discuss Good & Bad 

by Ben Pfeiffer

 Google’s Farmer Update Live: 12% Of Google’s Results Forever Changed 

by Barry Schwartz

Google Farmer Update Shakeup Followed By Unexpected Recovery 

Google’s Farmer Update Plants User Behavior Seed

    by Kim Krause Berg

New Data and Takeaways From the Content Farm Update

Google “Farmer” Update – Before and After

Google Farmer Update: Who’s really affected?

 TED 2011: The ‘Panda’ That Hates Farms: A Q&A With Google’s Top Search Engineers

Last but not the least:

Finding more high-quality sites in search

The Official Google Blog 

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