Bing Searches Hit The 30% Mark In The US Market

April 13th, 2011

It’s the first time Microsoft has captured this large a market share of the search world. The kind of qualitative changes Bing has been coming up with on the Bing Webmaster Tools and local business portal it clearly indicates that Microsoft is serious about search.

According to analysis firm Experian Hitwise.

As SEOs if we have been focusing on search engine optimization rather than Google Optimization the efforts put in all this time are going to start bearing results. As I can already see in the analytics for the sites managed by us the organic traffic from Bing is picking up.

If you have been adding your sites to Bing Webmaster Tools also and have been focusing on ranking on Bing too you are in a Win-Win situation. Well I am all smiles and welcome the competition as this will make the search scene more qualitative and innovative and will give us the nutritive food for thought and the true challenge for genuine SEOs.

The international Panda update of Google, the increase in the market share for Bing, Bing’s local business Portal Launch and improved Bing Webmaster Tools are making the search industry come of age and gain its true place on the online marketing scenario.

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