Connect To Yourself First then To The Rest Of The World

April 21st, 2011

Twitter the micro blogging conversation tool has entered our lives and has been successful in creating a virtual life for most of the people on twittervile. That virtual life is so full of conversations and updates which need to be followed real time.

Twitter started as a conversation platform which seemed to be an excellent replacement for SMS or texting but with millions of people joining it and the integration of tweets being featured on search, it has become  a real time information tool which updates you even before the news channels can have the breaking news headlines.

Moreover the use of social media as an online marketing tool has a certain compelling factor which may give the feeling  of missing out on something important if you are not connected 24 X 7. This brings havoc in the real life schedules .This infact can be considered as an occupational hazard  for the people working  in the online  industry.

After the regular use of Twitter, usually people get habituated to check on the tweets the moment they are out of bed but this is a dangerous habit which no doubt keeps you updated but surely creates a state of turmoil for your family and health.

First connect to yourself then to the rest of the world. Your Gym, Yoga, Walk or exercise routine and spending time with your family on the breakfast table are the most important things in the morning which cannot be replaced by any other professional assignment. Once you start the day with this positivity you have already taken the first step to  face the day ahead with zeal and energy as more than the caffeine it is the oxygen which is needed early in the morning.

We do work with different time zones and mornings do not always co-relate to the break of dawn to many but if we choose to work  this way then we need to decide our own body clock and see that we follow the schedules which go according to our timing schedules.

But unless you connect to yourself and give importance to yourself then you can never give it to anyone else. Everything boils down to discipline and efficient management, just because we have access to the broadband 24 X 7  that does not mean we add life to our GRAVATAR and become lifeless in real time.

The following video explains the efficient use of managing and monitoring social media:

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