Content , Branding, Research and Strategy As The Root Of Any Internet Marketing Activity

October 15th, 2013

The web has come a long way since more than a decade now and it has evolved technically and also there are behavioural changes in the way people use the web. In 2000 when the internet started being used on a large scale mainly for communicating via email the online marketers focused on email marketing and banner ads. on Yahoo, mainly because every second person had an email id on Yahoo and that seemed the most logical way of reaching out on the web in that era.

Later in mid 2000 when Google updated their search algorithm and people started using Google for exploring the web and searching the web for information SEO became the norm for all the businesses aiming for establishing an online presence.

When Facebook became the rage for remaining connected social media emerged as the latest norm for retaining web presence and reaching out on the web. People started focusing more on their social media presence further as search engines incorporated the social signals in their search algorithms and also displayed those signals in SERPs.

As time progresses search agorithms, online human behaviour and search results evolve hence In 2013 for any business to have assured web presence it needs to have an overall multifold presence on the web and should avoid putting all the eggs in one basket.

Branching out to all the options available for web presence is the most sensible decision. The internet as we know is a network of networks we need to understand that every form of web presence sends signals and connects each web presence and makes each footprint stronger. It forms a chain and creates a network with your website being the hub as the purpose of each online marketing activity is to attract targeted visits to the website either via push marketing methods or via making them reach your website via any inbound marketing activity.

From the SEO perspective too each and every online activity to create web presence makes the search presence stronger as search algorithms get signals from social media in the form of likes, shares, +1s, etc. and via blogs and other content media platforms in the form of comments and ripples the content creates when more and more people share it on their social media profiles.

The website is the trunk of the tree it is the connecting medium for the roots that is the architecture of the site which facilitates the to and fro transfer of information and the branches are the various marketing activities which help the web presence to branch out and help reach out to bear the fruit of ROI.

Content , branding, research and strategy are at the root of any internet marketing activity.

Any tree can be strong and bear the right quality fruit only if it has strong roots hence if we focus on creating relevant, benefit driven (for the user) and organized content , have a clear, compelling, focused brand message, devise a strategy for attracting , engaging, converting and multiplying visitors to the website which is possible only by researching our audience and competition.

The latest video by Matt Cutts (Head Of The Spam Team At Google) also focuses on why we should diversify and have a web presence mix rather than focusing on just one aspect of web presence.

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