Google Jamboard – The Integration of the Whiteboard and The Cloud

June 20th, 2017

Google Jamboard is finally unveiled for sale after it was announced last October (2016) that it would reach the market pretty soon. Although, there has been a bit delay in its scheduled entry into the market nonetheless the much-awaited Jamboard from the search engine giant Google has finally and eventually hit the market big time in May’ 2017. It is being viewed as a direct response to the Microsoft Surface Hub. The Google Jamboard is a part of the G Suite family. It is an interactive cloud-based digital whiteboard from the house of Google. It comes at a price of $4,999 with a yearly support fee of $600.

With a 55’’ 4K touchscreen display, 120 Hz touch scan rate and 60Hz refresh rate, Google Jamboard is endowed with online collaboration and having cross-platform support enabled.  There is the option of both mounting the display onto a wall and configuring it into a stand as well by default.


Google Jamboard has the prudence of identifying and thereby detecting up to 16 touch points anywhere within. It has also got Wi-Fi connectivity, an HD front-facing camera, built-in speakers and microphone.

A dedicated stylus is present to control the touchscreen and for controlling the device as a whole. There is also an eraser to give the entity a complete shape in terms of use and functionality.

The Jamboard has an OS (Android 6.0 Marshmallow) coinciding with the G Suite ecosystem. Any G Suite compatible service can be performed on any connected device. The main functionality of the Google Jamboard is to facilitate users to join and work together on projects inside the available space. The access to Google Jamboard gives business meetings, corporate discussions and presentations a whole new dimension as not only multiple jamboards can be used in the same room but people can connect remotely also through Jamboard app on a phone or a tablet.

The best part of using Google Jamboard is that it feels exactly akin to writing on a traditional whiteboard with a highly responsive, pressure-sensitive and accurate display. Jamboard indeed is the centre of interest and activity in a creative workplace. Moreover, it is rather easy to move it around from one place to another with its portable stand and single-cable setup. Furthermore, to add to it, there is nothing to be wary of regarding running out of batteries or ink for there is a passive stylus which does not require any pairing but is a “plug-and play” design. Its working methodology is exactly like that of a whiteboard and hence in spite of drawing with a stylus, it can be easily removed with finger.

The Google Jamboard comes with a shape and handwriting recognition feature. The users of Google G Suite can log into a Jam Session (as Google terms it) via the Jamboard itself or on companion iOS and Android apps. However, no Microsoft companion app for Jamboard is there. Anyone having a G Suite account can go on and begin a Jam Session by clicking on the screen. The ones who are initiating the session can invite anyone to join the session. With Google Hangout, users with Jamboard companion apps can make edits or participate in the Jam by using their smartphones or tablets. Remote users with access to the app can add stuff to the Jamboard and it really takes a very short time to do so. Users who do not possess the Jamboard application too can be a part of the entire set-up but their participation in this context would only be limited to view-only mode i.e. passive as they won’t be having the permission to access the jamboard like other active users of the Jam who have got the jamboard application at their disposal.

The Google Jamboard is primarily and solely designed to expedite business collaboration. The two fields of operation where the Google Jamboard would find enormous application and the two fields which would benefit unprecedentedly from Google Jamboard are obviously business enterprises and the education sector.

With Google adding G Suite support to Jamboard, users can access and edit Docs, Sheets, Slides, Photos, etc. directly and with ease. With the Google Jamboard there is the provision of working with teammates and peers from across the world with Google Hangout and Google Cast in order to set up broadcasts and collaborations or work remotely by making use of the companion app to good effect.

In a word, with the Google Jamboard the orthodox whiteboard moves into the zone of cloud erasing boundaries and sharing ideas in a real-time scenario. For better and enhanced connections, the Jamboard has got its own phone and tablet app. The Jamboard is quite reflective. And the entire structure is pretty thick. The styluses that comes with it provides an aesthetic and serene feel. The Google Jamboard undoubtedly presents with a polished and well-thought-out software experience. The entire thing is controlled and managed by a panel which is stationed either on the left or right. The jamboard also at once can act as a video conferencing machine. The structure of the Google Jamboard is quite big indeed and is rectangular square in shape with a rounded plastic back. A small horizontal line is centred at the bottom as power indicator. Collaborative brainstorming done via whiteboard scribbling is essentially the fundamental function of Google Jamboard. The Google Jamboard is available in three different colours- blue, red and gray. The Google Jamboard offers some great flexibility. Everything gets saved to Google Drive as Jamboard doesn’t have any internal memory of its own. It has also got the unique ability to straighten the shapes, symbols, lines, etc. so as to make sure that everything looks neat, clean and tidy. Everything is under complete command with the Google Jamboard in hand. The Jamboard besides converting handwriting into type also can give drawings digital shapes on its own. For PC and MAC users to get into the thick of things, they need to sign in through Chrome.

The Google Jamboard is a mind-boggling innovation from Google and there is no denying the fact that it would have a far-reaching effect and a long-lasting impact especially and precisely on the educational sector and businesses.

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