How And From Where To Learn Search Engine optimization (SEO)

July 23rd, 2010

Search engine optimization or SEO is the process of optimizing web pages or a web site for top search engines. By optimization, search engines can easily locate the web pages and display them when searching for information.

By optimizing your web site for top search engines, they can index and easily locate it from among the billions of web pages. If your web page is embedded deep in the search results, it is unlikely that any person would visit the page for specific information. So, you need to make your site search engine friendly, and promote the traffic levels and search engine rankings.

SEO is one of the aspects of Search Engine Marketing and it is referred to as an art as well as a science. SEO professionals are in great demand presently and the demand for this service is expected to increase in the coming years as all those who have a website today want it to rank high on search engines. A person who wants to pursue his/her career in SEO must gain the substantial knowledge on the subject.

Being in this industry for nearly 10 years and observing the evolution of search I would like to say that SEO is here to stay and selecting SEO as a career option is the wisest decision one can take if you have an interest in marketing, have an understanding about website development and have the qualities of patience and perseverance in you.

SEO is no rocket science. It is very easy and simple to understand the way the search engines churn out results and rank websites. But, once you have understood the basics , the constant working on the websites and monitoring , tweaking and tracking the results is an ongoing process which in the bargain will go on giving you additional SEO knowledge.

Learning the basics of SEO is very easy and simple as mentioned but to keep yourself upgraded and at par as per the changes and challenges of the search industry is something which is where you got to prove your metal.

The Basics of SEO can be learnt from various sources :

• From the umpteen SEO blogs and FAQs available on the net

• Books and guides available on the subject

• Google and Bing webmaster resources and forums also have a plethora of information on SEO


• The best way is to formally attend a training programme on SEO so that you can clear your doubts and discuss issues and learn maximum in a cohesive way in a short time period.

After this stage of learning the basics people usually ask me Do you offer a course in Advanced SEO?

The stage which is referred to as Advanced SEO by novices is actually the stage you reach when you have got the experience of working on sites and achieved the rankings. This journey that you undertake to interact with the search engine robots after learning the basics and making your sites reach page 1 on the search engines is the journey which leads you to the stage of Advanced SEO.

In order to embark on that journey one can either start working with an SEO company as a trainee and gain experience and do some actual SEO or develop some sites on your own and gain experience.

In conclusion, all said and done there is a lot of scope for growth, creativity and good monetary return to be achieved in this industry provided you are ready to upgrade your knowledge all the time, have loads of patience and perseverance and have a flair for marketing with a basic understanding of other functions which help the business run like accounts, legal issues, sales, costing , purchasing and PR.

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