How To Add Special Characters to The Tweets On Twitter

June 16th, 2010

Twitter as we know is a micro blogging platform allowing only 140 characters to a post or a tweet as it is called by

Now, when the limit is 140 then every character is important when you have to convey a lot and many times we all have to use our Precis writing skills to convey maximum in minimum words.

  • One of the ways we acheive this  is by shortening the URLS that we want to share in the tweet.
  • Another way is by adding special charaters or symbols like  ✔ , ☺, ♬ , etc. so that you can again convey more in the 140 character tweet.

It is very simple goto select the character you want to use copy it by using ctrl + c and  goto and simply paste it on the tweet that you are writing by using ctrl + v.

This is very helpful when you have to use copyright or trademark symbols in the tweet.

Simple isn’t it ? ♫

Happy tweeting and sharing on twitter !♫

Work More Talk Less!♫

Tweet more type less!

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