A Humble Request to Search Engine Land Editors

December 21st, 2016

If you are passionate about SEO then www.searchengineland.com  has to be on your priority list for latest search updates. Hence, being passionate about SEO and the search industry, I have been an avid reader of the searchenginland.com content. After the official  Google Webmaster’s blog https://webmasters.googleblog.com/  the SEL blog is one of the most trusted and reliable sources for any SEO updates.

After my humble experience in this field, I have been a contributor to some reputed blogs like SEJ, SEW, MOZ, Level343 and of course my company blog. The Author profile links are as follows:






I thank all the editors of these blogs for accepting my articles and publishing them. As ‘guest posting’ is a matter of great importance to every SEO, I would like to bring this to your notice. I do understand and respect the fact that, to accept or reject a post is entirely the prerogative of the editor and I surely respect that. I think all authors must have at times faced the dejection of their article being rejected. It is all part of the game.

But, the most frustrating point is when you send a post as per the procedure mentioned on the site you want to contribute to, and:

  • You do not get any reply for more than 3 weeks
  • You don’t know if the post has been received or not
  • You do not have any idea if the post is under review or has been rejected


I have experienced this with SEL. I would like to bring to your notice that a lot of effort, time and resources are spent on writing a post. Especially for a reputed blog like yours, as every contributor would like to put their best foot forward. Hence if we get a timely reply for acceptance/rejection of the post, it would be very helpful. We can at least publish it on some other platform. I say timely response because as you know that due to the ever evolving nature of the SEO industry the post can be of less or no relevance if the publishing is delayed. This results in a sheer waste of valuable time and effort spent on writing that post.

I have also been communicating on Twitter and thanks for the replies but it does not lead to any definite answers.


As you mentioned in the Twitter conversation, you surely must be receiving many posts and it must be a challenging task to reply to all but I suggest that you at least mention the status (under review/rejected)  of the post in some way. Or, mention that if the contributor does not receive a reply in a specific time he/she should assume that the post is rejected and will not be published.

I am sure every well written, in-depth post, when published, is a mutually beneficial proposition for the writer as well as the blog on which it gets published.

Last but not the least, “Wishing A Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays” to everyone at Search Engine Land.

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