Integrating The Print Media, Mobile And The Online Media With QR Codes

February 2nd, 2012

The user is always at the nucleus of any online marketing campaign. The user wants the most relevant information at the most easily accessible option which involves the least navigation and search activity in the whole process of finding the relevant information.

The challenge today is to reach out to more and more people via all the available options possible. We talk about integrated marketing and also integrating search and social but integrating print and online media via mobiles is something which has an easy accessibility and one can reach out to the targeted segment more effectively.

QR (Quick Response) as the name goes it can generate a quick response and is very cost effective. The use of the QR code can enhance the print media by empowering it with the digital dimension. QR Codes can be added to the newspaper Advertisements, coupons, visiting cards, leaflets which one distributes, etc. so that people can add the contact info or view your site readily from their smart phones without any delay and at their convenience.

For example below is the newspaper advertisement of a garment store and under the QR Code they make it very clear by mentioning how to use it and the reader can directly go to the latest collection on their website.

Key Points To Keep In Mind While Using The QR Codes:

· See that the reader reaches the most relevant landing page as per the content on the print media

· The landing page should have the call to action like a form, a buy button, contact details, subscribe button or whatever is the purpose of the page

· One can easily track the ROI from such a campaign as the page can be easily tracked and monitored via analytics and one can even create a special landing page for such a campaign to calculate the ROI and study the response to the Ad.

This is gaining popularity and soon becoming the norm for integrating the print media with the digital media for easy accessibility and a wider outreach.

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