Is The Content On Your Website Helping The Visitor To Take A Decision?

December 3rd, 2010

Content has a wider connotation now especially after the integration of social and search.

Right from the time the first web page was developed , the most important aspect has undoubtedly been – ‘CONTENT’ – ‘Content Is King’ as it is rightfully said.

The content on the website speaks volumes about your company and also helps you in the SEO of the site. But keeping in mind the dynamics of the evolution of the web, importance has to be given to all the content generation media directly or indirectly related to your website on page or off page.

Every single word you write on your website is surely the content directly affecting the quality score of your website.

If every page on your website  targets a unique set of keywords then the possibility of every page becoming the landing page for those set of keywords can surely become a reality and  hence ensure those many organic search rankings .

For example: The domain www.malibuplastica ranks on page 1 for the products and services of the company with different landing pages as per the content on that page.

Keyword                                                         Landing Page
Polycarbonate sheets –                        
Polycarbonate Sign Boards –              
Polycarbonate Domes And Pyramids –
Polycarbonate Anti Riot Shields –     

This is from the perspective of the search engine spider to make relevant pages rank for different keywords and have focused landing pages with relevant keywords.

But from the perspective of the visitor landing on the relevant page is the first step. The actual journey of buying from the site or contacting the company representative starts from there. The first impression is of course the overall design but the design aspect is so relative that what catches the  fancy of one visitor may not appeal at all to the other. 

But after the first few second s of a quick assessment of the design the eyeballs move on to read the content. If the content is interesting enough and offers a detailed information about the products and services, the comparative analysis , pricing details along with ease of navigation and minimum no. of clicks then surely the interest level is retained and this influences the decision of the online buyer.

An online buyer needs information immediately else he goes back to the search engine to search for more .   The website content should compel the visitor to go on reading the  info. Available on the site and make him feel confident of buying from the site.

Usually the comparative study, the reliable payment gateway, trust seal and an SSL certificate boost the confidence of the buyer to finalize a decision.

A website is built for the visitor but the spider specifics are equally important.  When we talk about content we usually refer to the on page content but the off page content influencing the site is equally important.  The integration of social and search is making this more and more important.

What you post or tweet i.e the content of the tweet or the post you share on facebook, the links that you share , the topics, conversations , comments and blogposts that you like ,  your email signatures, etc.

On the flip side the User Generated Content –  what others write about you on the reviews, comments, and in their tweets especially if a link and your social media account has a reference to are all part of the content which influence the holistic quality score of the content and yes if the visitor also refers to the social media before he decides to buy from your site then that it indirectly influences the online buyer’s decision.

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