Is WordPress or Blogger better for SEO? Matt Cutts Answers The Question

March 6th, 2013

When anyone decides to start a blog, the first and foremost decision one has to take is to choose between WordPress and Blogger.

Here is what Matt Cutts has to say.

From my experience I can say that Blogger is a very simple platform and has all the potential to make the blog SEO friendly. Many of our clients have their blogs on WordPress which is also very good infact with more advanced features but if the WordPress blog in the subfolder gets hacked (of which the chances are very high) then the chances of the main site getting adversely affected in the search engines is very high.

In such a situation the main site on the root domain and the blog in the sub folder both get adversely affected and lose the search presence. But, if you have the blog on a sub domain which is not hosted on your server as in case of Blogger then both the entities remain separate and even if the blog gets hacked then atleast the main site continues to do well on the search engines.

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