Just SEO Is Not Enough .You Need A Web Culture In The Organization For Overall Online Success. How Healthy Is The Web Culture Of Your Company?

August 25th, 2010

If You Think That You Have Signed A SEO Contract And Now You Are Going To Win The Web Market Then You Are Wrong.

SEO is the art and science of understanding the technology, the EQ , the IQ and of course thereby the algorithms of the search engines to make the websites rank high on the search engines to tap the targeted market.

The SEO knowledge is open and anyone following the ethical way and having the right SEO knowledge, patience and perseverance can reach the top rankings for the targeted keywords sooner or later. (Thats what my experience says).

But, search and internet marketing is much more than just ranking high on the search engines. Just as in the offline traditional way of marketing just giving an Ad. on TV , magazine or newspapers is not enough to get the footfalls in your store or make your phone ring repeatedly for enquiries, there needs to be a full plan of the whole marketing and sales circle. Similarly, online marketing also needs a complete plan to ensure the success of conversions of the online generated inquiries.

An SEO can help you achieve rankings but along with that that the most important thing to focus on is to find the answers to the following questions.

• Are the clicks generated as a result of SEO getting converted into enquiries ?

• Is the landing page giving the right impression about the products, services and the company?

• Is somebody in the organization responsible for the handling these queries with a responsibility attached to it?

• Does my company have a voice and approachability on the social media?

• Who in the organization is managing the social media?

• Do we have a legal policy if things go wrong or some web online policies, rules and regulations so that things do not go wrong?

• Is my staff who manages the social media cyber savvy or is he just typing in the tweets and posts?

• Does my site appear in all the search options of the search engines?

• Does my company have a blog?

• Is it being updated regularly?

• What is the focus of our blog?

In short there has to be a web culture in the organization so that every person in every team whether marketing , technical or operations understands the benefit of web presence and becomes a part of it.

Previously, when the email culture was introduced in the organizations in mid 2000 each and every person in the company was supposed to know how to send and receive mails else they were trained for that to ensure the smooth flow of communication.

So now when your SEO company tells you that your organization needs training in getting familiar with the internet marketing culture and develop the right web attitude please listen to them and be the first ones to take the initiative to become an organization where each and every member of the organization knows what online presence the company has and is confident about what their web culture is. As every member contributes to the marketing, sales, WOM, profits culture and image of the company.

Every employee in the company should easily relate to the virtual office (the website) of the company the way they relate to systems and procedures in the offline office. After all the virtual office or store is nothing but a reflection of your offline real presence.

How Healthy Is The Web Culture Of Your Company?

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