Mark Zuckerberg at BYU About The Power Of The Internet, Social Media and Facebook

March 26th, 2011

Mark Zuckerberg spoke on March 25th, 2011 at a Tech Forum at Brigham Young University’s Marriott Center about how Facebook and the internet have changed the way people communicate.

Senator Orrin Hatch asks Mark Zuckerberg:

“What’s the role of social media technology in global issues?” 

“Empathy is developing in the world who otherwise may not have had an ability to connect, we ARE all connected, we just don’t fully understand it yet.”Mark Zuckerberg

The internet  today is undoubtedly the lifeline of every business or personal network. Today we cannot just imagine a world without the internet.  The internet has become the invisible life energy that helps us connect, share, reach out, take decisions , etc.

This kind of a global reach and connect is surely changing mindsets and making the world  a digitally  accessible  place. Today people are more net savvy and the social media sites are proving that by having an exponential rise in the no. of people signing up and regularly interacting with other people online for a personal or a business purpose.

All this in future is going to change the way we do business, make friends, share data , launch products or for that matter conduct meetings with overseas associates.Of course a net or a web culture has to be set up for this right from the  grass root level to get the maximum benefit.

Every parent, teacher, CEO, business manager,  politicians  or even the religious heads need to have at least  the basic internet and computer skills as the way we communicate and reach out socially has changed.  I think those who are ignoring the power of the  internet  and the social media and are keeping away from acknowledging its importance , reach and effect are keeping them totally severed off from the common thread which is binding all cultures, countries and communities.

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