Matt Cutts Answers Some Important SEO Questions

October 17th, 2011

Matt Cutts had a live Q&A session in September 2011.

View the video below to find what Matt Cutts has say for the following questions.

  1. Do +1′s have any affect on search rankings?
  2. Will you ever count negative meta keywords?
  3. Should I create a native application or a mobile web site to work with all of the mobile platforms?
  4. Will Google Plus allow me to customize my profile?
  5. When can we expect Google Flights to be activated outside of the USA?
  6. How will the +1 on advertisements affect SEO?
  7. Why has the quality of technical search results has gotten poorer since the Panda update?
  8. What do you like better, Facebook or Google Plus?
  9. Will the age of a domain make a difference in how well it shows up in search engine rankings?
  10. When are the next round of Panda Updates expected?
  11. When will Google Plus be available for Google Apps users?
  12. Why was the Panda Update called Panda?
  13. What should be the recommended priority value when you submit your XML sitemap to Google?
  14. Why did Google rank my website without a snippet even though my Meta Description was high quality?
  15. What is the impact of Googlebot finding an extremely high number of pages at once on a site?
  16.  can you define that term “Hangouts” with an example?
  17. How should e-commerce websites handle rel=author?
  18. Will rel=author be compatible with business Google Plus?
  19. Can you schedules these Q&A’s weekly like a Matt Cutts podcast?
  20. How can I ensure a website stealing my content won’t get away with it?
  21. Are double 301 redirects ok?
  22. Where is the Orkut?
  23. When is Google going to update PageRanks again?
  24. When will there be a rel=author for the news industry? Why isn’t there one offered now?
  25. How can I get an internship at Google?
  26. Does “Unavailable after” robots tag remove a page completely from the index so you don’t have a problem with a 404 error?
  27. Should I buy my company’s brand on a new top-level domain to secure it?
  28. Does Google identify automatic page redirection with JavaScript?

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