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October 18th, 2010

A social network diagram                            Image via Wikipedia We are reading about guest blogging extensively on the web recently. Guest blogging is about getting your post published on another blog or publish a post written by someone else on your blog. Both give an opportunity for networking, adding a freshness of writing style on the blog, reaching out to more communities and making your blog to reach out to other communities as well.

I would like to share my experience regarding guest blogging . Last month I registered on hoping to get guest posts for the WebPro Technologies blog . When I registered and went through the user friendly interface and read articles beyond just my field of SEO , Social Media and Web Marketing , the idea of writing for other blogs also fascinated me and I wrote my first article for a guest post and submitted it to .

The first offer received was from Search Engine Journal which was something no one can refuse . The interaction with a new blog community has given me immense pleasure in sharing my views on the topics which I am very passionate about and the comments made by the readers surely gave me a varied perspective about the topics written by me.

Being a web marketer reaching out to more and more and networking with the people of the industry and sharing knowledge and information is the lifeline of our company and trust me guest blogging has surely given me this opportunity. a Community of guest bloggers is managed by @seosmarty . You can sign up for free and find out how the community can help you. has featured on

Last but not the least please read about what guest blogging is not before you go ahead with guest blogging.

More, more, more traffic
More, more subscribers
More, more people sharing the post on social media
More and more benefits!

Benefits for guest bloggers:
• Reach new audience

• Build your brand

• Network

Benefits for blog owner:

• Get free exclusive content

• Get free targeted traffic

• Network

• Get new fresh perspective

Please do share  your guest blogging experience with us and please retweet  to spread the word about guest blogging which puts both the parties concernened in a win-win situation.

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