Real Time Reports In Google Analytics

November 17th, 2011

Author : Bharati Ahuja

Google  has recently launched the Google Analytics Real-Time Reports : a set of new reports that show what’s happening on your site as it happens.

Real-Time reports are available in the new version of Google Analytics, and administrators with Analytics accounts will get Real-Time reports.

Google on its blog mentioned the following 3 ways one can use this data:

  • Measure Social Media Impact 
  • Campaign Measurement 
  • Accessing Real Time 

With Real Time data it is possible to measure, monitor and track the immediate impact of a certain blog post or announcements shared via social media. We can assess the site traffic as a result of a certain tweet. We could also see when the blog stopped receiving the visits from the tweet, which helps know when to re-engage.

Similar is the case when we launch a new campaign and want to know what is working and whether the launch made an impact. The immediate traffic to the site will give us the indication of how well the launch was accepted by the netizens.

This data is available to some selected accounts and will soon be available to all. We have been having access to this data since 1st Week Of October and it surely is a great indicator to how your posts on Twitter are performing.

There is one more way this data can be of great help. Though we have to yet test its usability and ROI but this kind of Real Time Monitoring can help in serving the online customer online at that very moment instead of waiting for him to contact us .

The Real Time Data metrics that you get are as follows:

  • Top Referrals 
  • Top Keywords 
  • Top Active Pages 
  • Top Locations 





Traffic Sources: 

All this data tells you how many visitors are currently visiting your site as of now and they have reached your site via which source , which keyword , which country and are currently viewing which page. This data is very helpful for an ecommerce site and if a person is appointed for monitoring this data and then cater to such real time visitors by asking the right questions and offer the requisite answers to their questions immediately via a chat feature on the site just like a salesman at a mall attends to the customers atleast during those hours of the day when the site gets maximum traffic.One can sign up for this on sign up for early access

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