SEO Is Much Beyond SERPs But The Importance Of SERPs Cannot Be Ruled Out – Old Wine In A New Bottle.

May 16th, 2011

SEO has evolved and it has come a long way since the Search Engine Submission times of the last decade. Search Engine Algorithms too have evolved become more intelligent, robust and sophisticated to penalize low quality content and reward overall high quality websites.

Hence, securing high rankings in SERPs is more challenging and requires an in-depth knowledge of the working of the web and also a lot of co-operation from the website owner to develop an online brand, have a good word and world of mouth on social media for the brand and create positive and quality footprints on the web to ensure and future-proof the search engine presence.

The SEO blogosphere today focuses on quality web presence and SERPs as a performance parameter is losing the focus but that is very misleading which in the long run can again tarnish the reputation of the SEO Industry further from a different perspective.

With the quality evolution of the search engine algorithms the approach and methodology of achieving high rankings has changed but ranking high has always been important as only when you rank high your website can get the targeted search traffic which is the major marketing goal of the online marketing campaigns.

High Rankings lead to a high CTR (Click Thru Rate) which leads to increased traffic with a potential for good conversions.

Hence, SEO is beyond rankings does not mean that high SERPs are no longer a long term goal of an SEO campaign but it means that the website has to reach out and branch out and gain quality web presence before it is ensured of a good high ranking search presence.

This is proved from the following study :



The detailed article can be read on and

The majority of the objectives of PPC and SEO are the same the way you achieve them is different .

Yes, SEOs cannot guarantee rankings as the ranking factors are many and the search engine algo. undergo continuous upgrdations and tweaking which makes the SERPs also fluctuate but as SEOs working on quality web presence to gain good web visibility for the site and in the long run good assured search presence on search engines despite the SERP shattering algoquakes and constant hiccups in the algorithms is a major responsibility hence the approach to high SERPs is more like an old wine being served in a new bottle which infact increases the value rather than decreasing it.Related article also can be read on :

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