The Advantages of M-Commerce

January 3rd, 2011

Author :  The wider connection a business can make to their target markets, the higher possible sales they can have. With this, maximizing benefits from the current technology like mobile devices is a big step that industries need to establish.In connection, the development of Mobile Commerce or M-Commerce gives an opportunity to many businesses to offer flexibility for their customers to have access to their business from devices such as mobile phones.

M-Commerce is the term for making business transactions using mobile devices. There are already several existing M-Commerce applications and services nowadays that have been very helpful to us. Some are mobile banking, location maps, and variety of news, mobile shopping, ticketing and mobile file sharing.

Mobiles are being used more and more on daily basis and its more then just making and receiving a call. Mobile companies are coming up with new features for their smart phones, which offers consumers ease, flexibility and security at the same time. My self I have a Blackberry and an iphone which I use both to run my online business, from sending and receiving emails, online accounts, socialise on Facebook and Twitter and also paying for my shopping so I just need to collect it. I believe if I was to loose my phone, I would be lost, as I would have no communication, besides my wife calling me, I wouldn’t be able to operate my day to day business. Having these features on my phone, saves me hours in a day, as I don’t go home to a full inbox of emails, I don’t need to wait in queues to collect my shopping, as I have already paid for it.The integration of M-Commerce to a handy device is an immense benefit to all of us, as I have just demonstrated above.

Below are some of these advantages:


It is a true convenience to do much from a handy device via M-Commerce. With wherever you are, in just a few clicks on your mobile device, you can already do shopping, banking and download media files.

Flexible Accessibility 

User can be accessible via mobile phones and at the same time be accessible online too through logging on to various mobile messengers like Yahoo and Gtalk and other networking platforms.On the other hand, user may also choose not to be accessible by shutting down his mobile device, which at times can be a good thing.

Easy Connectivity 

As long as the network signal is available, mobile devices can connect and do commerce transactions, mobile to mobile and even mobile to other devices. No need for modem or WI-FI connectivity set up.


Each mobile device is usually dedicated to a specific user, it is personal. You can do whatever you want to your mobile device, modify the wallpaper, change view settings or modify contact information as you send emails or e-payments.

Time Efficient 

Doing M-Commerce transactions do not require the user to plug anything like personal computer or wait for the laptop to load. Just hit the on button of your mobile device and your ready to go.

Despite the small screen, having something in your pocket that can do so much via M-Commerce is really an amazing technology and a great help. E-Commerce business are also making applications for mobile phones which allows users to browse their online products and make payments with couple of buttons.

Is Mobile Commence appealing to you, is this something you would implement into your business, share your thoughts with us regarding mobile e-commerce in the comments below.

About The Author

Wasim Ismail is a web solutions project manager and also an online entrepreneur & blogger at specializing in online business.


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