The Approach For Online Marketing – Focus On Content And Information

August 7th, 2010

 Marketing is all about bringing the people to the product whereas Sales is taking the product to the people.

Basically, the sales force of your company and the marketing team of your company both have to focus on these two important Ps i.e product and people. Of course there are the other Ps like price, promotions, professionalism , place and profit which are also inter-linked to this whole process.

Whether a company is following the off line traditional methods of marketing or is focusing on online internet marketing the main aim is to pull the attention of the buyer to the product. In the traditional methods this task was not easy as the reach that the advertising in newspapers, magazines or on billboards , on TV, etc. gave was limited and at a very high cost.

Online marketing on the other hand has a phenomenonal global as well as local reach. But, pulling the attention of the buyer to the product on your online store is an equally challenging job which needs a slightly different approach and a well planned and a well thought of website .

Netizens are info hungry and are always searching for more and more information on the search engines or within your site for additional information either about the product displayed on your site or about your company.

People are more aware as of today about the options available for what they want to buy because of the plethora of information available on the net on each and every topic. They have become more net savvy and as a result it can be observed that the search patterns of the searcher have also become more specific , which has made the SEO industry to focus more on the long tail keywords.

Hence, first and foremost make sure there is enough content available on your site about each product that you display on the online store front .

Secondly, make sure your company has a web presence on the mostly visited social media sites so that your potential customers can voice their queries or discuss related issues.

And of course, to ensure that your website ranks well on the search engines is something that goes without saying as the search engines are the main source from where the targeted traffic finds your website.

Once the visitor is on the website he is a potential customer . The design, architecture, user-friendliness and of course, the compelling content on the landing page of your site will determine if the potential customer will be converted into a regular customer or not.

So, Once again we see that “Content Is King” when it comes to winning over the search engine bots or the visitors coming to your site.

The search engines do not discriminate between a website of a start up and a website of a company running ancestral business, neither do they discriminate the rankings of a company on the basis of their balance sheets.

So all the websites have an equal chance or potential of getting ranked on the first page of the search engine which opens the doors to a whole new world of business and opportunities for that company. Provided, the site has been ethically optimized and offers genuine , focused and detailed content.

Again, it is this very same content which will make other websites link to your site. As we all know inbound links are another factor which work like a vote to your site or like WOM for your site. If only webmasters focus on making the site qualitative rather than have link building strategies and think of ways and means of buying and selling links half the spam related issues would be taken care of.

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