The Best Way To Assure Quality Content Is To Innovate, Excel And Work Hard In Real Time

October 26th, 2011

Author : Bharati Ahuja

With the Panda Update and Google being hell-bent on working on high quality standards for search results the need to keep the web presence updated with high quality content is the need of the hour. Amit Singhal of Google shared with us the definition of Good Quality Content. But, the challenge is how to share fresh good quality content which is knowledge based and will be helpful to the user on a regular basis.

Many are jumping on the band wagon of appointing content writers and thinking of ways and means of churning out content in some form or the other but just content addition is not enough, the content has to supplement and augment the already existing authority, popularity and the ideology of the blog or any web presence that you are trying to promote on the search engines. Authority and popularity cannot be bought it has to be earned over a period of time.

IMHO “There Is No Substitute For Hardwork” and the genuine content is the content which is the reflection of what you do in real time.

Usually when I advise the clients to keep their site updated with fresh quality content , the question which is posed by them is – What else can we write more about our company , we have already written all about it.

That’s where the difference is, we do not have to write for the sake of adding content and come up with an immaculate piece of content by a writer who is politically correct and grammatically correct but share and write about the following:

  • The company happenings
  • achievements
  • faux pas made by your team
  • efforts put in for making a product more innovative
  • a solution achieved for a problem faced
  • the industry ideologies that our company promotes
  • Share the latest news about the products and services we deal in
  • Videos about the new outlets opened or achievements celebrated
  • Discuss customer reactions and review
  • Support a cause , event or promote industry related conferences, seminars and exhibitions
  • We all discuss our success but for a change if we discuss some failure and the lessons learnt by that also is something which gets widely read and accepted as it helps others learn from the mistakes made by us.

This way the web presence of your business will become a true reflection of your real time business where there will be no dearth of actual valuable content and this content will be helpful in projecting the true image reflecting the authority, identity and popularity quotient of your business. Every happening, innovation and development in your office or company can become a topic for a blogpost adding valuable content if you think it will help and offer some valuable information your existing customers, potential clients, shareholders or any targeted visitor to your website in some way or the other.

Work hard in the real world to have more satisfied customers and more acheivements in business which helps your business grow and then update and upgrade your virtual business and presence with the real world facts, figures and experiences thereby being in a win-win situation in the virtual world as well as the real world.

The greatest example is Google itself , if we see the Google blog or any other web presence they have – It is always updated with their latest developments and the discussions about what their priniciples and ideologies in practice.

Paid content, like paid links  does not have any value,  if your business is not living its actual essence in real life. It will soon fizzle out like paid links . But, content generated with a view of updating the existing client with the actual product information or the content which helps the potential client take a decision or the content which makes the shareholder in your business achieve confidence in the company is all content valuable from the user and the search engine perspective.

Genuine, informative and knowledge based content does not only add value to the content aspect of the web presence but also has the potential of getting inbound links in a natural way boosting the web presence multifold .

Content added just for the sake of having more words on your website is like external makeup which gets washed away with time but content by which the company can vouch for and lives by is like inner beauty having a long lasting value for your targeted visitors, you and of course the search engines which can withstand any algoquakes from Google or that matter any search engine.

About The Author

Founder of WebPro Technologies a Web solutions company based in India which focuses on building quality web presence for businesses. Bharati Ahuja is a SEO Trainer and speaker, Web Entrepreneur, Blog Writer, Internet Marketing Consultant.


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