The Etiquette Of Co.ordinating With Guest Post Submissions.

May 1st, 2011

If you accept guest posts for your blog then I am sure you know that a guest post benefits both the blog and the person who writes the post. It is a mutually beneficial exchange of resources .

But, if you frequently publish guest posts and you keep on getting regular posts which you need to moderate and queue them for publishing  then having a system to communicate with the guest bloggers is of utmost important. As  people need to kept informed about the progress and status of the post submitted by them.

The guest  who has submitted the post for the blog has spared time and effort to write the post and in this times of Twitter and social media many times the posts lose their significance and importance if they get delayed in getting published which is shear injustice to the writer.

If the post has to be rejected due to some reason then it should be done right away so that it can be published else where by the blogger. If it has been  read and accepted then it should be immediately be scheduled and the date should be informed to the person who has submitted the post so that he is clear and go ahead planning for the next post.

Ideally the person should be informed within 24 – 48 hrs about the status as later than that is considered as being very inconsiderate of the other person’s time and effort.

Points The Guest  Bloggers Should Keep In Mind:

  •            Follow the blog guidelines.
  •           Submit the post as per the procedure on the site.
  •            Submit original and useful content.
  •             Interact with the commenters on the blog .
  •            Do not make the blog post or the comments a cheap link building avenue.
  •            Promote the post.

Points The Host Needs to Keep In Mind:

  •  Make it simple to submit the post.
  •  Have a page to explain the guidelines for guest post submissions.
  •  Be quick in responding to the guest regarding your decision after moderation.
  •   Give a reason if the post is rejected .
  •  Respond to emails by the guest poster. Answer their questions and clear their doubts.
  •  Promote and share the post giving due acknowledgement and credit to the guest blogger as they are giving you content for the blog.

Guest blogging is a team effort if it is managed and coordinated well it can be very helpful for the blog  as this is like your online team that you have which is contributing to the content and marketing  of the blog.

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