The Happenings And Discussions At #SMX Advanced Seattle On Day 1 – ( 7th June 2011 – A Curated Resource)

June 8th, 2011

I am sure every SEO and Internet Marketing Person would have loved to be at Seattle on the 7th of June 2011 to attend the SMX Advanced and catch up with what is the latest in the search industry. Atleast I was and hoping to be there next year or hoping SMX Advanced to select one of the cities of India as the venue.

Thanks to all the live blogging and Twitter by which we can keep ourselves virtually present at the event.

The details , discussions and the slides shared on Day 1 can be found on the following links:

SMX Advanced Seattle Agenda – June 7, 2011

On Tuesday morning, SEOmoz’s Rand Fishkin presented evidence at our SMX Advanced conference that there’s a high correlation between Facebook Shares and ranking well on search engines. In afternoon, the head of Google’s web spam team Matt Cutts said that Google doesn’t see Facebook Share data at all. An SEO-search engine catfight? No, both actually agree.

 The Bing Party SMX Advanced  Seattle 2011

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Day one of our SMX Advanced conference is wrapping up with a late afternoon tradition: Danny Sullivan’s “You & A” conversation with Google’s top spam cop, Matt Cutts. The session is due to start at 5:00 pm PST but, just between us, it’s bit hectic up front and gut feeling is that we’ll be a little late. (In other words, the Cuttlets are already out in force and Matt is being mobbed.)

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It’s the first session of the show so Danny spends some time going over the housekeeping stuff. He explains how people are supposed to tweet the sessions, how it would costs eight gazillion dollars to outfit the entire room with power strips and lots of other housekeeping stuff. You’re not here so that stuff probably doesn’t concern you. Luckily for you it’s time to get to the search stuff.

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How hard can a panel called “The Really Complicated Technical SEO Infrastructure Issues” be to liveblog, right? It’s not like the panel is full of totally smart people who can think rings around the rest of us or anything…

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Links To The Slide Decks by @jennita and @randfish of @seomoz :

Matt Cutts Has The Panda With Him  SMX Advanced Seattle 2011 – Hey! Don’t  Miss The Shoes…

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