The Latest Agorithm Update By Google Focuses On Giving Fresher And More Recent Results

November 4th, 2011

Author : Bharati Ahuja

Google recently announced that after having the Caffeine Web Indexing System in place which allows Google to crawl and index the web faster and on an enormous scale they have made a significant improvement in the ranking algorithm which has the possibility of affecting 35% of searches.

The search results for those queries which according to Google deserve to be served fresh content shall be impacted. This according to Google is roughly 35% of the queries overall. For example queries related to an event, contest, movie reviews, latest product launch info, current elections, etc.

Library search results do not do justice to these kind of queries but the latest buzz from various microblogging sites and latest blogposts may offer much more relevant search results. As Google aptly writes on its blog – Different searches have different freshness needs.

There are two aspects to this update, first depending on the query the Google algorithm has to decide if that query deserves to be served fresh and latest relevant results from all over the web and secondly the way these results will be presented by Google on the search results page.

Currently it is showing these results on top of the page as shown below:

This is another quality improvement in the search results which is being served by Google. This kind of an update is quite justified keeping in mind the number of people increasing on the social media platforms and an average searcher on search engines who is more search savvy that ever before. Google has always been the best when it comes to search and this improvement proves that they would like to be ahead in all aspects when it comes to search.

If one wants to have a presence on the search results for those queries which deserve fresh search results related to your industry then the only way is to be the first one to blog about the latest topics , tweet or post about it on various social media platforms.

This can be seen in the image below when we made a search for “google algorithm updates”

Google Caffeine infrastructure gave the relevant data to Google by helping it index the web faster and now Google is offering it to its users in a relevant format as search results. Great , search has not been so hot and happening ever before. Although, only time will tell its actual impact , Google is surely gone one step ahead to please its users as far as search is concerned.

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