Twitter Testing New Advetising Platform – Beta Stage

January 31st, 2011

WebPro News interviewed David Szetela ofClix Marketing who is one of the few advertisers included the Twitter’s beta program for testing Twitter’s Ad. Platform. In his interview he mentioned that the program had similarities to the Google and Facebook Ad. programs but with some differences. Twitter some time back had introduced the concept of Promoted Tweets and is testing the Twitter Self- Serve Ad. System before going with it in a big way. it is a self-serve program with a little difference to it as currently you cannot start your ad. campaign on twitter like anybody and everybody can you do it on Google . In order to become a part of the Twitter Ad. Platform one needs to contact twitter to get embedded in the Twitter Ad. Program.

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The Ad. Program is based on the concept of the promoted tweet, where the advertiser can tweet something then contact Twitter to promote it when someone searches something related to that or he can also have somebody influential retweet that tweet and the advertiser can promote that retweet. How will Twitter Measure The Cost Of Advertising or Promoting The Tweet/Retweet:David Szetela said that the payment for the advertising will be based on a new metric called he Cost Per Engagement (CPE) and the engagement will depend on the following factors:

  • Retweet Of The Sponsored Tweet
  • Reply To The Sponsored Tweet
  • Click  On  A Link Of A Sponsored Tweet
  • When Somebody Favourites The Sponsored Tweet

If any of these actions take place the advertiser  pays the agreed amount to  Twitter. The second  metric will be engagement rate (ER), which is similar to click-through-rate (CTR). According to “Promoted Trends is seeing good traction in the marketplace, which gives us cautious optimism for Twitter’s fledgling ad products,” said eMarketer principal analyst Debra Aho Williamson, author of the upcoming report “Worldwide Social Network Ad Spending: 2011 Outlook.”

Let’s see how this paid scenario picks up on Twitter and will we have a so called Organic Engagement V/S Paid Engagement on this Social Media for SMM like we have a SEO v/s PPC on the search engines for SEM? But one thing is for sure Twitter is growing.

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