What is Local Search?

August 3rd, 2010

Local search as the term suggests caters to geographic location specific searches. Business details can be submitted on the basis of geographic constraints to search engines which display local business listings for geographic specific keywords.

The search engines display local based listings from their structured database of local listings. Usually the data is collected from the local yellow pages directories and also from the direct submission of details of the business from their maps option where you specify the address of your work place and contact details. These details get a listing in the local search even if you do not have a website.

Hence, the benefit of the search engines can be adhered to even if you do not have a website and have an online presence for your business. These listings in a way have a global reach in the sense that if anyone is having a location based search query like ‘seo ahmedabad’ or ‘corporate services London’ from any part of the globe they get the same listings under local search results.

In order to get good rankings for local search results it is essential to have the complete address submitted and verified. If more people write reviews against the results then it boosts the rankings further.

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