Why Blogging Is More Important Than Ever Before And How Can Blogging Help You Maintain The Rankings On The Search Engines?

October 5th, 2010

Fresh content , authority inbound links and social media presence are some of the main aspects of retaining your rankings in the search engines. We all know that all this is easier said than done.

For fresh content you need to keep on updating your site with the latest happenings, developments and the future plans of your company and the future trends of the industry. This infact gives a boost to the inbound links too but again planning for good authority links is a full time exercise in itself. Social media again is about engaging with your followers and sharing content and there by integrating the social link graph to your SEO efforts. If you keep on retweeting links from other sites the SEO benefit from the social media presence to your site will be null.

Hence, it is necessary to host the content on your site and tweet that link and thereby get a platform for voicing your opinion too.

All these aspects – fresh content, social media and the focus on getting links individually may require separate set of skills, focus and plan but in fact are inter connected and interrelated and the main emphasis here is on blogging.

As only blogs can offer you the right platform to host fresh content regularly in the most easy and user-friendly way. If the blog content is unique and on some latest topic then it has the tendency to go viral thereby getting you inbound links and blogs being a social media platform itself it offers the option of creating a community and the possibility of interacting with the visitors via comments. Blogs in addition generate SEO friendly links and make it easy to share and tweet content on other social media sites.

Hence if you have a blog you have the chance of getting ranked in the blogs option of the search engines, have a chance of your social media post being displayed on the updates option of the search engines and also there is possibility of getting the inbound links.

In order to maintain the SERPs and improve upon them having a blog and keeping it updated is of utmost important and if you have good quality posts which have a good social media presence in the form of tweets and retweets then the social link graph surely adds a silver lining to the cloud (In this case your blog) .

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