Why can’t students and teachers be Facebook friends?

May 15th, 2010

Why can’t we be Facebook friends? Facebook has blurred the lines between teachers and students, forcing districts to grapple with what’s appropriate online.

Just came across the article related to the above topic on  http://bit.ly/dpogcx  (Please read the article on the link to co-relate to the following write up)

In my opinion when such problems arise the best approach is to have a positive attitude with additional responsibility from parents and teachers and the acceptance of the new technological advancement via the web and internet.

These issues were bound to arise sooner or later. We have to accept that the society is changing and the web and the internet are here to stay to be woven into the fabric of our real lives like never before.

Instead of putting restrictions on children and or being  confused about the real world and the virtual world the parents and teachers should educate themselves about these technologies and use it as a tool to help the children through a medium which they have become quite comfortable with.

Of course as a responsible parent or a teacher one has to think before speaking now just think before you share or tweet by using the right words to make an impact on the children positively.

Lets take this media and the net revolution positively and start considering it as a boon rather than a curse or a distraction.

I must say this generation who have started using the internet from the time they started writing will have a better control about such situations in future. As they will know about its pros and cons already.

This is a transition phase that we are going through. Let us make the most of it by educating ourselves and accept the change as change is the only constant things in our lives.

I think we as responsible elders should understand this new media for social interaction and use this as an effective tool to communicate with our children and students and influence them positively.

Let us empower ourselves with the knowledge of the web world and not doubts !

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