Women In Tech – A Panel Discussion

July 7th, 2011

The following video has a great discussion about the women’s issues in the field of technology. One of our previous blogposts http://blog.webpro.in/2010/12/talk-by-facebook-coo-sheryl-sandberg-on.html conveyed similar ideas and sentiments but viewing this video gave more insight as it is a group discussion.

The talk is very inspiring but After viewing this video I am convinced that whatever the geographic location the issues related to women in tech are globally the same.

The members in the Women In Tech Panel Discussion held at Facebook Headquarters On 20th Of April 2011 Include:

  • Sheryl Sandberg – COO Facebook
  • Jocelyn Goldfein – Director Of Engineering – Facebook
  • Theresia Gouw Ranzetta – Accel Partners
  • Jessica Herein – CEO Founder , Stella And Dot.

The panel discusses issues about:

· Flex timings at work for parents when they have a child. (Paternity leave not maternity leave)

· Women choosing a technical career by opting for Maths and Computer Science

· More women as entrepreneurs on the social web

· To break away from the stereotype way of raising children by telling them that girls should play with Barbie dolls and boys should be aggressive

· Give equal access to technology and technological devices to your daughter as you would give to your son

· Intergating more industry experience into the curriculum along with the theoretical sessions for more real time exposure

· Entrepreneurship or a job whatever is your arena of work go out and reach out to your success if you believe in yourself and think that you deserve that promotion

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