You Can Verify The Ownership Of Your Site In Google Webmaster Tools Using the Analytics Snippet

August 22nd, 2010

No one likes duplication of efforts and especially when they are mundane repetitive tasks like verification of accounts in the webmaster tools. Google seems to understand that and has added another option for verification in webmaster tools.

Google will find all Google Analytics tracking codes that are active on the index page for this site. Ownership of the site is established if you are an administrator for any of the Google Analytics website profiles found. The Google Analytics tracking code is used only to verify site ownership.

This only works with the newer asynchronous Analytics JavaScript, so if you haven’t migrated yet, now is a great time.

Once you’ve verified ownership, you can add other verified owners quickly and easily through the Verification Details page. There’s no need for each owner to manually verify ownership. More effort and time saved.

The other ways of verifying are:

• Add a DNS record to your domain’s configuration You can use this option if you can sign in to your domain registrar or hosting provider and add a new DNS record.
• Add a meta tag to your site’s home page You can choose this option if you can edit your site’s HTML.
• Upload an HTML file to your server You can choose this option if you can upload new files to your site.

The verification of the site via the analytics snippet is surely a time saver. A very big thanks to Google indeed .

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