Do I Need To Renew My SEO Contract For An Ongoing SEO Attention For My Site?

October 12th, 2010

We are on the threshold of welcoming 2011 and 2010 has seen some remarkable developments in the search marketing industry with the integration of social media and search reflected in terms of Real Time Search. Anyone who is interested in having a long term search engine presence and valuable online visibility cannot rule out the importance of SEO from their online campaigns.

We offer SEO Packages according to the need and requirement of the client but usually it is the annual plan that we offer, is majority of the time applicable for giving a valuable and qualitative SEO uplift to the SEO inquiries we get . By the end of 6-8 months usually the sites get a good presence on the search engines and by the end of the year the sites start ranking for many of the highly competitive, generic, specific and long term keywords too. When the last annual report is sent to the clients and a final meeting is arranged to explain and demonstrate the stages and achievements of the SEO project , they without fail ask me –



As we all know that the SEO results are achieved gradually and if the norms of the search engines are kept in mind while optimizing the site the rankings do last for a long time in the long run (Well, this is what my experience has taught me) but as we all know that the search engines keep on updating the algorithms and also keep on enhancing the search experience by introducing new technologies , updates and search options as per the changing industry standards and scenario, it is highly essential to keep monitoring , reviewing and tweaking the site to assure or should I say insure the visibility and presence already achieved .

If by the end of the year if your SEO company has been open about the SEO strategies applied by them and has been explaining to you the SEO process stage wise and provided you have been taking a keen interest in it then by the end of the SEO contract I am sure you or your in-house web development staff should be in a position to monitor, tweak and review the site by following the DIY (DO IT YOURSELF) policy .

But, if this is not the case and you don’t want to lose out on the SEO benefits that you have already achieved then it is 100% advisable to renew the SEO contract for monitoring the site from the SEO perspective as SEO is surely an ongoing process as the site needs to be kept in par with the norms and algorithms of the search engines .

Monitoring. Reviewing, Tweaking and constantly working on getting quality inbound links has to be an ongoing activity and only thus you can keep the visibility and presence alive on the search engines in the long run.

The pricing of the renewal for the SEO contract again may vary from company to company and of course from continent to continent . At WebPro we do not believe in the per month pricing model for the first year of the SEO Contract but for the renewal that is from the second year onwards the per month basis of pricing is ideal as this is again fair for the client and the SEO company . But, of course these kind of agreements are project specific and mutually decided upon keeping in mind the mutual benefit and returns.

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