Do SEO Certifications Matter?

August 10th, 2010

SEO – Search Engine Optimization is the art and science of making a website rank high on the search engines for the keywords targeted for that website.

A decade back when people started optimizing sites for search engines there was no formal training available and the main source for understanding the search engine algorithms and knowing what the search engine bots are looking for on your site was the search engine blogs and forums itself.

Though these resources are still available, in fact, now there are millions of SEO blogs also available sharing this knowledge, but people want the knowledge to be made available in a capsule form to them so that they can grasp as many concepts as possible in a short span of time.

Okay, good enough – attending a SEO training programme or enrolling oneself for an SEO Course is a quick way to familiarize yourself with the concepts and the stages involved in optimizing the sites but it is just not enough, as this knowledge is such that unless you optimize sites yourself and monitor and analyze the developments yourself you can never gain expertise.

You have to keep on constantly learning in this field as every website you work on will be unique in itself and the SEO solutions required will also be unique in a way.

Hence, even if you attend a SEO programme or attend SEO classes the theoretical sessions offer you a stepping stone to go ahead but until you actually work on the sites you never actually gain SEO knowledge.

Hence, an SEO training company which helps you to get an SEO trainee’s job after the course done or involves you in a live project of a website is giving you a right orientation and start in this field.

After that also it is not the certification which will give you a growth path but only your experience and passion for this work shall help you go places.

People will give their websites to you for optimization on the basis of the past work done and results achieved not on the basis of a certificate you have achieved by passing a SEO exam.

No doubt , certificates and testimonials add credibility to the name attached with it but they never substitute the display of actual work done. The SERPs achieved by you will be the only true certification that you can put forward to gain the confidence of the client or employer as the case may be.

We conduct SEO Training at WebPro Technologies but we always emphasize on the point that :

WE DO NOT TEACH – WE HELP YOU LEARN . One does not become an SEO expert by just attending a course or by reading a book.

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