Google Announces Instant Pages, Search By Voice, Images At Inside Search Event

June 14th, 2011

Today Google announced the introduction to Instant Pages at the Inside Search Event held at San Francisco. Amit Singhal said that speed is something Google is obsessed about Google wants to make thethe search experience and browsing as smooth and as fast as like flipping a magazine and even avoid the delay of 5 secs. which usually is the case when a query is entered and the search results are displayed.

Google thinks that with Google Instant and Instant pages it should be able to achieve this considerably.Google on its official blog mentioned that “The Instant Pages feature is enabled by prerendering technology that we are building into Chrome and then is intelligently triggered by web search when we’re very confident about which result is the best answer for the user’s search.”

Know more about Instant Pages in the following video:

Google also announced the search by voice and image which they have extended to the desktops also.

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Some Pictures Of The Event:

Google has always remained ahead in matters of search though this year has been remarkable for social but at this event only the developments regarding search were announced and discussed.

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