Google: From Google Glasses To The Talking Shoe

March 13th, 2013

The web world buzz was all about the Google Glasses last week and now Google has unveiled a new experiment at this year’s SXSW and it got some shoes talking.

The Android-connected Google shoe is fitted with a tiny computer, a speaker, an accelerometer, a gyroscope and a pressure sensor to provide detailed information on your physical activity.

The voice responds when you get moving, saying: “I love the feeling of wind through my laces” while you are running, or saying: “Call 911, because you are on fire”, or says, “ Lift off” while you are jumping around playing sport.

Aman Govil, head of the Art, Copy & Code initiative and Google’s Advertising Arts team.says: “ Our goal is to really figure out how you marry innovations in technology with marketing and advertising” He also added: “imagine if, rather than having an app in your phone that tells you how far you ran, your shoe told you. And if you woke up too late for a run, the shoe would tell you how far you could have run”

The latest news is that Google has partnered with Adidas for the ‘Talking Shoe’. With social media touching each aspect of our lives the talking shoe also shares information over a social network to track your data as it can be connected to your android phone or computer.

Of course the experiment is still at the initial stages but maybe in future the inbuilt voice may motivate many to actually get up and walk or run. Keeping in mind the current scenario where “Sitting is considered as the new smoking” This idea could be a blessing in disguise.

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