PageRank Obsession, Patience, Perseverance And SEO

June 6th, 2010

From my past experience I have seen SEOs concentrating and focusing on PageRank and even using it as one of the USPs for selling their SEO packages by mentioning that the SEO pakage they offer shall improve and increase the PageRank.

But, is it so important a factor or feature from the SEO perspective ?

In my opinion the answer is NO. I do not think that link building and Pagerank are the factors which should be given importance and prominence to in a SEO project. As I always say that link building itself is a wrong term – Links should not be built but they should get built in the process of the web journey of the website on the WWW because of great content and information on the website.

So, what are the points that should be given importance in an SEO project?

Now, with the redesigned page of Google with more search options available the focus should be to rank high as possible on all the options. Atleast the efforts have to be geared towards that. The Google search page has got options on the LHS like images, blogs, videos, news, updates, maps, books,etc.

Instead of concentrating on only the ranking on the search page the ranking on all these option results also offers a lot of opportunity for targeted traffic.

Apart from this surely it makes sense to have a presence on the social media sites where people are mostly hanging out. So the relevant and relative postings on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube,  etc. surely add to the qualitative and targeted traffic.

Hence, its high time SEOs overcome their baclink and PageRank obsession and concentrate on the factors that really matter – Offer qualitative content in all froms i.e in text, in images, videos, blogs, posts and tweets on social media sites, maps, etc. and see your website go places and attract targeted traffic and automatic natural inbound links like never before.

The only thing required for getting such inbound links and traffic is patience and trust me Patience and Perseverance Do Pay.

About The Author

Founder of WebPro Technologies a Web solutions company based in India which focuses on building quality web presence for businesses. Bharati Ahuja is a SEO Trainer and speaker, Web Entrepreneur, Blog Writer, Internet Marketing Consultant.


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