The Challenge Of Improving The SEO Of A Given Site When It Already Ranks on Page 1 For Targeted Keywords

November 25th, 2010

Just a few days back I received a call,enquiring about the SEO services that we offer. After the normal introduction and initial discussion, he went ahead to tell me that they are already ranking on page 1 position 1 for the most important targeted keywords on Google. His question was how can we help him to improve upon his search engine presence further. The main thing that kept on worrying him was that his competitor had 1000s of backlinks and his website just had a few hundreds.

The fact that the competitor had more inbound links made him feel insecure and he wanted to sort of know what should be done in order to insure and future proof the SEO results he had already achieved.

In such cases I think the most appropriate thing would be a thorough review of the off page factors and a plan chalked out a further course of action related to points which are not getting enough attention and importance.

The challenge lies in communicating the action plan in its right perspective to the client and then monitoring and checking as to how and how much it is helping in improvising the results already achieved.

It starts with finding the answers to the following questions:

• Do they have a blog?

• Is the blog focused on certain objectives or goals?

• Is the blog being updated frequently

• Are the readers commenting and posting their views on the blog?

• Are the readers sharing the posts on social media? (Especially keep a tab of retweets and likes, as Mr. Bruce Clay  recently mentioned in one of his interviews that, ‘The Likes Are The New Links’)?

• Does the company have a voice on the topical community forums?

• Being a part of an online community do they regularly interact and have established an identity and a voice of authority?

• Do they have an active presence on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube?

• Is there any possibility of making the landing pages more attractive, easy to navigate and conversion friendly?

• Does the client himself or his in-house team have an idea about their online presence, identity and over all visibility?

• What is the overall web culture of the company?

• Are the people who are updating the site and the blog SEO aware?

• Are they brand conscious while updating content and interacting on social media?

• Does their email signature have their website address and social media account links?

• Are the inbound links authority links and from varied URLS?

• Do they write guest posts for other sites related to their industry?

• Do they invite guest posts from other authority people in their industry?

• Are the customers being encouraged to write reviews on the local search results?

The answers to all the above questions will help in having an overall health check of the website and various off-page factors and social online presence of the company and pave the way for an action plan to make the necessary change and give the extra punch and also pump in the extra link juice needed for the website, just like you need the oxygentated blood running through the human body for good health.

But, this kind of an action plan maybe easy to make but what is important is how effectively it is conveyed to the concerned team for its execution is the main challenge. The result will be achieved only if the person implementing the plan knows the benefits the site is going to achieve by putting all the points in action.

Once the plan is in action, the result and achievements can be analyzed and measured only over period of time that is at least 3-4 months. And of course the calculation of ROI will tell the tale in its true colour of success or failure as the case maybe.

Please refer the following link to read about “The Google Analytics Metrics That Help You To Monitor The SEO Progress And Also Calculate The ROI”

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