The Current Evolutionary Phase of SEO – Its All About Quality Web Presence And Over All Web Strategy

July 23rd, 2011

Web strategy meetingImage by @boetter via FlickrSEO as we all know is about optimizing your website so that it ranks in the search results for your website targeted keywords. In early 2000 when search was all about keywords and rankings alone it resulted into spam of very high degree for which Google had to introduce the PageRank Technology to fight the spam and maintain quality search results.

The PageRank Technology which gave importance to inbound links initially improved the quality of search results but eventually gave rise to a link building industry and a link spam which again polluted the search results. Apart from inbound links the content aspect is also given a lot of importance from the search engines from the very beginning and this also gave rise to many sites and a lot of content which was added to the web in various forms from the SEO benefit by content spammers.In order to fight the link spam and the content spam Google came up with the Panda Update in Feb. 2011 which penalizes and bans sites with low quality content .

The ranking factors and the importance given individually and jointly to these factors keeps on changing but one thing which has remained constant is the importance given to your overall quality web presence or the quality footprints that you create over a period of time in the web journey of the website has always a considerable factor.

The search algorithms are becoming very sophisticated and so is the search behavior as the searcher now know that he has options and when online buying is increasing and it is even becoming more mobile a website owner now not only needs to rank on the search engines but needs to analyze and understand the search metrics like the Click Thru Rate , Bounce Rate, Conversion Rate, GEO Targeting, Local Search Queries and any other metric which maybe specific for the progress of that particular site keeping in mind the objective of the website.

Keeping the present scenario in mind the SEO needs to help create an overall quality web presence for the website and inter link the already existing quality website foot prints intelligently so that the website gets the benefit from the past existence on the web.

Currently An SEO Needs To work on :

· Optimizing On Site And Off Site Factor To Get High Rankings

· Keep a Track Of Important Metrics That Matter

· Analysis and Action There upon of Those Metrics Which Need Attention

· Keep An Eye On The Algo Updates

· Tune and Tweak The Website As Per The Algo Updates

· Help and Advice On How To Get Quality Inbound Links

· Educate The Owner About The Digital Assets Which Are Being Created As a Part Of The SEO Campaign For His Company

· Keep The Client Updated About The Latest Development In The Search Industry

The SEO Periodic Table clearly mentions that

“Some factors influence more than others, and No single factor guarantees top rankings. Several favorable factors increase odds of success. Negative “Violation” and “Blocking” factors harm your chances “

Hence, the SEO needs to keep working on the improvement of the favorable factors and continuously increase the potential for overall SEO success and at the same time go on negating the violation and blocking factors. In order to have this approach you cannot have a standard SEO formula for every website. Each and every website is different as per their web presence and needs to be managed individually and as per the plus points and minus points of that website. Hence Rand Fishkin Of has rightly said that the role of an SEO has transformed into one of that of a web strategist .

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