URL Shorteners And Anchor Text

April 17th, 2011

We all know the importance of using URL Shorteners especially when we have to tweet a link on Twitter here there is a limitation of 140 characters. As we all know that social media signals are being integrated with search it is very important to find out if the shortened URL is passing on the SEO benefit behind it.

Yes we know that Twitter and other social media sites have a ‘No Follow’ attribute to links but that does not negate the importance of sharing links.Despite the No Follow attribute all the links shared on Twitter are being saved and recorded and there is also a twitter search by which these links can be found by people . Hence it is very important that the shorteners pass on the link juice to the destination URL.

So the question is which URL Shortener should be used?

In order to get all your links shared on Twitter be found in one place I suggest registering with www.trunk.ly which automagically collects links you share on Facebook, Twitter and Delicious, … and makes them searchable.

According to me this is the most important spade work to be done by every SEO for each of their client Twitter accounts. As this will be the database or index of links shared on Social media which maybe and can be used by search engines in the coming future when their search algorithms are updated with the complete integration of search and social.

You can find our Trunk.ly presence on http://trunk.ly/Webprotech/

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