What Is Landing Page Optimization And Why Is It Important ?

September 7th, 2010

A landing page is the page on which the visitor to your website lands on or views as a result of clicking on the link available to your website from various sources.

A visitor can reach your website via various resources. It depends entirely on the footprints that your website has created on the web.

The major sources, from where the visitor can arrive at your website or your online office/store are:

Search Engines

Direct Visits

           By Directly keying in your website address for a HTTP request


           Banner Ads
           Social Media Sites
           Affiliate Advertising
           Directory Listings
           Various Articles where your website has a mention
           Email Signature Links

As you can see that from whatever source he lands up on the specific URL of the page if the page has the relevant content and gives more information about what he read at the source point then the interest level of the visitor will get enhanced which can get converted to an enquiry for further details. If the site is an ecommerce site it even has a possibility of a direct conversion i.e he may buy the product online.

So, the landing page content enhances the interest level but there are many other subtle factors which work in the background for the positive influence of the page on the visitor. Firstly when the visitor lands on a relevant link of your website if the design is clutter free and has a balance of images and content and the readability and navigation has an easy flow then that interest level gets retained for a longer time increasing the time spent on the site and also reduces the bounce rate.

Hence, when we talk about landing page optimization, we are in the sense referring to the harnessing of all these factors like web design, color combo., ease of navigation , quality content and the right first impression because in this kind of optimization we are catering to the psychology of the visitor and trying to finalize a sale. Unlike the SEO where you have to keep the search engine robots in mind while the optimization process so that the targeted market can be reached.
So ,SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is all about the marketing of your product on search engines and Landing Page Optimization is all about ensuring that the marketing effort gets converted to sales on your website. Your landing page is your efficient salesman online , making your potential customers feel welcome.

In order to acheive success online a holistic efficiency is required on all spheres marketing, sales, accounts (your online payment gateway) , delivery of the product and order tracking.

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