With Google Webmaster Tools Becoming more efficient and Elaborate And Bing Coming With An Improvised Version Of Bing Web Master Tools Do SEOs Need Third Party Tools?

July 4th, 2010

Search Engine optimization requires a constant tracking and monitoring of the websites on the web. For getting the required data and metrics SEOs need tools which can render accurate and correct data related to crawling, indexing, traffic and SERP (Search Engine Ranking Position) of your website.

As only on the basis of this data, the future plan of action can be chalked out for the SEO process. A few years back when the tools offered by the search engines were not that sophisticated, I am sure all SEOs have searched for the SEO tools on the net and tried nearly each and every tool available.But, Google Web Master Tools now offer a wide range of data. Moreover, with Google caffeine the speed of indexing also has become faster and fresher.

Following suit is Bing which is going to unveil the new more sophisticated and updated version of its websmaster tools in October 2010.

I am sure if Bing has to compete with Google in the field of search then the goodies awaiting the SEOs in its forthcoming tools is going to surely be worth waiting for instead of jumping on a hasty decision of buying third party tools.

All the data and reports available from any of the support software used by SEOs is never 100% accurate and is always has to be cross checked on the search engines actually before confirming it and sending it to the client.

Hence, I think relying on the Google web master tools, Bing web master tools and Yahoo Site Explorer ( this may get discontinued once the Yahoo results start getting powered by Bing) is the most sensible decision an SEO can take.

Moreover, you never know when which search engine may block the third party tools from their server as has been the case in the past .

Last but not the least getting too much involved in the data and metrics sometimes diverts you from the core objective.

As someone has rightly said – Too much of analysis can cause paralysis. Focus on the future course of action by whatever reports and data you get from the tools mentioned above. Take the SEO process and the website presence ahead instead of just getting stuck up with metrics.

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