Add Email Marketing To The Digital Marketing Mix To Reap Rich Returns From The Overall ROI

November 13th, 2014

With the increase of eCommerce sites and a phenomenal increase in the usage of the hand held devices like smart phones and tablets the mindset of the people in accepting email updates is becoming more positive.

I think the curated content in the inbox regarding any topic, product or service is being welcomed by the users. Especially from companies who have a good overall web presence. When the user receives an email from a brand which he has come across on search engines and social media platforms , he is more likely to read the email content rather than mark it as spam.

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But there are some dos and donts when you start with the Email Campaigns. I would rather call it Email Info Campaigns rather that Email Marketing Campaigns. If you are continuously emailing sales messages then the chances of that email being marked as spam is very high. But, if you create the content of the email with a purpose of informing the reader and educating the reader regarding a topic then it more accepted.

Email is one-to-one communication and is more welcomed by people especially from brands they already familiar with. Hence it is an effective tool for retention marketing. However to keep the ROI high one needs to follow some dos and donts. The main misconception is that email marketing is very cheap and sending emails in bulk is the solution but that is incorrect. Having a well planned email campaign and measuring the ROI requires a well planned strategy with a focus on content and the outreach. This requires a sizable amount of investment.

Some Basic Dos and Donts.

1. Don’t buy email lists. Create them by adding genuine email ids collected by you over a period of time (Ids of customers, enquiries, etc)

2. Focus on informative content.

3. Recycle informative blog content as email content.

4. Make it easy to unsubscribe.

5. Ask for permission before adding the email id to the subscription list.

6. Don’t send only sales oriented emails.

7. Have a link to the web version of the newsletter in the email.

8. Add the company logo and the contact details in the newsletter.

9. Keep mobile devices in mind. one out of every three clicks occurs on a mobile device today.

10. The right colour combo and font size is very important.

For a complete list view the slideshare content below:

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