@Avinash And +Think With Google Team On Shouting vs.Conversation vs.”Utility” Marketing

May 26th, 2012

Here’s a video of a recent hangout that @avinash did with +Think with Google team. The topics discussed covered were:

  • Why is brand destruction so easy today?
  •  Examples (From Seventh Generation and BMW – good – to Gatorade, ATT, and so many more sub optimal ones).
  • What kind of an organization structure do you need to have an optimal brand experience on social media for your audience?
  • Shouting vs. Conversation vs. “Utility” Marketing.

And so much more….

The Key Takeaways From The Hangout:

· The distance between its company and its brand getting destroyed is 2 pixels.

· Focus on sharing knowledge and information on social media which will add value to the lives of the people

· Understand the power of the medium

· Until now the brands have used the broadcast aspect of social and not the engagement aspect and when they fail to understand the engagement aspect it turns out to be an amplification nightmare

· It is like waking up every morning and walking the talk

· Every employee is a brand ambassador and the social media reflects the culture of the company

· In order to have control on the social media sharing on behalf of the company there can be a rule book or broad guidelines given to the employees who share on behalf of the company but have faith and assume intelligence on the other end.

· The rule book and guidelines to be broad parameters rather that the strict dos and donts.

· Review these parameters every 6 months and offer training to make the social engagement and amplification beneficial for the company

· Doing social effectively takes work and a shift in mind set and a new culture

· Companies using social effectively Cadbury’s, Esquire Magazine, BMW.

· People those who are going to get into social now are going to get a great advantage in future

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