Google I/O 2013 : Just Say “OK Google” To Search Hands Free in Chrome

May 15th, 2013

Amit Singhal presented the future search experience which had a focus on the following 3 aspects of search:

Google I/O 2013

  •  Answer 
  •  Converse 
  •  Anticipate what the user might ask and offer the answers before the user can ask further questions. 

He said, all this is possible due to the Knowledge graph which Google announced last year. Now Knowledge Graph is available in Polish, Turkish, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese languages.

Google has updated its voice search feature with what it calls a “no-interface” approach for Chrome and Chrome OS.

Singhal revealed that there are now over five hundred and seventy million entities in the Knowledge Graph.

Singhal said, “Last year when we launched the Knowledge Graph, it was a huge advance in search technology. Knowledge graph enabled Google to move beyond keywords and understand real world entities.

The user can ask questions to Google like a friend and Google will answer back. This kind of verbal command is already being used by Google Glass and the command has to start with “OK Google….”

The conversational voice search and hot wording experience is soon coming on chrome and what is different is that Google says you’ll be able to continue the “conversation” to keep searching and it will understand where you are and when you ask how far is the airport from “here” then Google already knows without having you to say name of the place.

View the demo by Johanna Wright – VP Search And Assist Mobile  at Google

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